The Alto Recorder

The alto recorder is probably the world's simplest instrument to learn and perfect for beginning adult music students. It is a larger version of those familiar plastic soprano recorders that are often handed out in grammar school music classes. The alto is longer and has a deeper, more mellow sound. The spacing of the holes is farther apart and perfect for adult fingers. Recorders are fully chromatic instruments, that is, they contain all of the notes including all the sharps and flats over a range of about 2 octaves. Other simple wind instruments such as harmonicas and penny whistles are made in certain keys and only contain the notes in those keys. The alto recorder can be used to play any song as long as the notes don't go below the F on the bottom of the Treble Clef. If there are notes below low F, then the song must first be transposed up higher to play on the alto recorder. The alto recorder can be used as a solo instrument or in groups and play either the melody or the harmony parts. See some great recorder Links below:

Rhythm Band offers very fine quality, yet inexpensive Aulos Alto Recorders.

The Instrument Store has low prices on Yamaha Alto Recorders:

Peripole-Bergerault Inc. has a very nice Angel Brand alto recorder for under $ 20.

Penny Gardner's Alto Recorder Method Book

Courtly Music has some great Classical sheet music.

Sweet Pipes Inc. carries easy recorder sheet music. For duets I recommend "Alto for Two" arranged by Sonya Burakoff, SP2345 ... $ 3.95.

The Von Huene Workshop, makers and dealers of historical woodwinds since 1960.

"First Repertoire Pieces for Recorder" from

"Basic Bach For Treble Recorder" from

American Recorder Society ( ARS )

Music Production Schools

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10 Reasons why I chose the Alto Recorder as my first instrument.

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